Thursday, July 14, 2011


So I think, since everyone in this world is raving mad about the ever-awaited, eternally, ubiquitously loved, final installment of the Harry Potter blockbuster saga tommorrow , I should write something about it too. But you know, the question is, what do you write about something that is the pure definition of ‘awesomeness’ to you and is forever etched in your heart ? So I did what someone’s wall picture quote on Facebook told me to do. I ‘stayed calm and read Harry Potter‘. All seven parts, back-to-back.Well, I know something, no matter what changes in life, there are some that define the word everlasting. Harry Potter still has that captivating effect on me. Its as unputdownable as ever. When I first read it, I actually forgot that there was a world besides it. I risked exams, skipped meals, didn’t bath for a day( yes, Pottermania had affected sanity) That one thing, that is so gripping, so fascinating, something, that tells you, no matter what, ‘The magic is in you’. I, like a lot of others, first ‘experienced’ Harry Potter at school, so you know, Harry Potter ain’t just one of my favourite stories, its a dearest friend I grew up with.

As Harry struggled at Potions, I was like,happens to all of us,mate… ( Thank you, Math:| ). The Cho-Chang episode too, is something a lot of teens can relate to. I remember having full-fledged dreams, being a part of Dumbledore’s Army, and fighting against the Dark Lord (what days! :’) ). I was so intrigued by it, that I did a mock-interview of J.K. Rowling as a celebrity guest, for the class 9th radio show, in CBSE’s English Communicative, and well, even my lovely teacher said, you really do love HP, it is a marvellous script. And like other nice things, top grades due to it !!You know Harry Potter has so deeply seeped into my world, Hermoine’s SPEW, the Ministry’s Departments, the subjects they learn at school, all the spells, charms, jinxes, curses, phew, I’ll NEVER stop…sigh… it is a LEGEND.
For you know, I’ve muttered in my mind, ‘Imperio’, when I’ve been passionate and enraged about something(sometimes,I do thank God that I’m a Muggle, albeit a very passionate one about everything I love. ), wanted someone to say ‘Obliviate’ (when there’s so much to forget about something) and well, so much more..,It is a story of love, friendship, loyalty, hope, trust, forgiveness, standing up for what you believe in, no matter what comes.When Ron leaves Harry and Hermione in HP-7, and comes back, you know, that is how friendship is. The true bond overrides all differences, and united they’re stronger. When Dumbledore and Sirius die, you feel sad as if someone real passed away. That’s the spellbinding, thrilling, enchanting potboiler from J.K. Rowling. When Luna Lovegood says, ”Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end.”, it is a hopeful anodyne for so many hearts and touches lives beyond all
boundaries. In words of The Powerpuff Girls, ”sugar, spice, and all things nice ‘
So, you know, it will continue, simply because its Harry Potter…

Monday, July 11, 2011

ma native

itz bin a year since i went to my native, i sure do miss it alot..i mean who wud'nt like to live in a place wre ther is so much of nature an greenary an a slight bit of a drizzle al d time..!! the air is so fresh an pure an once yu go der itz lik *forget the sun*.. an fr someone like mi who stayz in tiz hot city, it surely is like going on a retreat..!! time jus passes so soon wen m der , i mean wen der are alot of cousins around yu an al d elders are busy catchin up wit d lost time, no one reallly cares, an itz totally awesommee :) mann the mud,the rain,the cows,the goats,the trees, the games,the food,the atmosphere,the lakes,the mountains,the silence,the feilds,oh, an i forgot to mention the pets .. on the whole,the place itself has a special place in ma heart!! it really has done a really unforgettable damage ^_^ ..!! the place may change in a few years,but itz memories ll alwayz be the same.!! not even d best holiday destination can beat ma place an m proud to be from der,not many get to experience such stuff,but m lucky m one among those whu can :) :) ..!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

no more orphanages.!!

well, der is tiz group tat we have started an itz called no more orphanages.. itz still in d developping stage an v have adopted an orphanage in trichy..!! the poverty rate is high in india cas of the lack of education, if everyone is educated then there wil be less of these ppl whu are thrown in orphanages..!! we are intent on giving an education for these children an we collect d money fr tiz by organising events an competitions fr coll students an corporate ppl by chargin dem for entry an we giv thiz to charity..!! many may think itz a waste of time.. but juss think of d ppl whom u know , who have lost their loved ones..!! not everyone in tiz world has parents..!! an v re doing wat little bit we can to them..!!