Saturday, July 9, 2011

no more orphanages.!!

well, der is tiz group tat we have started an itz called no more orphanages.. itz still in d developping stage an v have adopted an orphanage in trichy..!! the poverty rate is high in india cas of the lack of education, if everyone is educated then there wil be less of these ppl whu are thrown in orphanages..!! we are intent on giving an education for these children an we collect d money fr tiz by organising events an competitions fr coll students an corporate ppl by chargin dem for entry an we giv thiz to charity..!! many may think itz a waste of time.. but juss think of d ppl whom u know , who have lost their loved ones..!! not everyone in tiz world has parents..!! an v re doing wat little bit we can to them..!!


  1. hey...thats a nice idea..tell me more abt dis...i wld lik to help...

  2. ya, sure ll fil u in on d details :)