Monday, July 11, 2011

ma native

itz bin a year since i went to my native, i sure do miss it alot..i mean who wud'nt like to live in a place wre ther is so much of nature an greenary an a slight bit of a drizzle al d time..!! the air is so fresh an pure an once yu go der itz lik *forget the sun*.. an fr someone like mi who stayz in tiz hot city, it surely is like going on a retreat..!! time jus passes so soon wen m der , i mean wen der are alot of cousins around yu an al d elders are busy catchin up wit d lost time, no one reallly cares, an itz totally awesommee :) mann the mud,the rain,the cows,the goats,the trees, the games,the food,the atmosphere,the lakes,the mountains,the silence,the feilds,oh, an i forgot to mention the pets .. on the whole,the place itself has a special place in ma heart!! it really has done a really unforgettable damage ^_^ ..!! the place may change in a few years,but itz memories ll alwayz be the same.!! not even d best holiday destination can beat ma place an m proud to be from der,not many get to experience such stuff,but m lucky m one among those whu can :) :) ..!!